The Saga


Once a Millennium a unique pack of wolves emerges to save the world from human tyranny and bring nature back into balance. These are lone wolves that evolve from their own packs. After wandering the world learning from humans and exploring, they joined and formed a new pack. These wolves survived on their own before they came together.$ They travel the world from the rough Siberian Tundra to the most gruesome corners of Mackenzie Valley. They learned that humans are the most dangerous creatures on earth; they are living so perilously to the detriment of their own species that time and time again nature tries to fight back.$ Each wolf has a distinct personality, with their own strengths and flaws. They are highly intelligent animals that embrace depth and daring. They are powerful and can walk on their hind legs like humans.$ By observing and learning from leaders of humankind, the wolves took charge of their own destiny, determined to survive and thrive in a fast-changing environment.$$ The most important lesson they learned was what true freedom is amongst humans: the power to choose. In the land of plenty - the world with everything in it -, the power to choose stems from real independence. And human’s freedom means financial independence.$ The wolves learned many useful things by watching the humans, including how they can become self-sufficient and eventually build wealth, thus earning them independence. They understood early on that education and self-development is key to everything. That for humans, success means achieving goals; and every single goal requires the exchange of something of value. To hasten these exchanges humans invented a tool they called ‘‘currency’’. It is a form of mutual trust humans transfer among themselves while preserving energy. The use of these tools of exchange or currency is better understood through learning. That is why, in the human world, Financial Education is the Real Education; everything else is just training for a certain skill mainly to serve someone else.$ From the first contact with people, the wolves gathered that most humans live in artificial forests they call “cities”. And for humans to survive and thrive in these man-made forests they must interact with each other by transferring amongst themselves that form of energy called currency.$ While on their path to become independent through financial literacy, these wolves decided to reward those humans that live in harmony with nature thus preserving the earth that all life depends on.$ As a token of recognition for humans that are respecting the laws of natural habitat, the wolves dedicated graphic representations of themselves depicting each one in their own image. They are a strong pack of 10000 WISE WOLVES. Once created in an Art format these wolves went on distributing their portraits among humans with special traits. And for the ultimate offering the leader of the pack decided to grant a special one-time portrait to the winner of all humans.$ At the same time the Wolves had observed that some humans rush to achieve their goals with complete disregard for the effects their actions bring to the environment. Such destructive behaviour prompted the wolves to start thinking about ways to hold responsible the humans that continue to harm Mother Nature.$ Finally, the wolves had decided that in order to protect their home - planet Earth -, they must find a way to determine humans to be environmentally responsible. They would need to develop a system that rewarded environmentally responsible behaviour and penalised destructive conduct.$ The wolves developed a two-tiered system. In the first tier, there were rules that everyone had to follow in order to protect the environment. If someone violated these rules, they were punished. In the second tier, there were rules that applied specifically to humans. If the humans violated these rules, they were banned from the forests.$ The wolves’ system was successful in changing human behaviour. The humans became more environmentally responsible and the forests thrived.$ How did they achieve what humans themselves failed to accomplish despite countless attempts? The following is the story of these wolves’ otherworldly feats.$